MORE often than not Jamie Mitchell lands on his feet no matter what he does but not this time.

One of Coffs Harbour's greatest ever athletes after winning a record 10 consecutive Molokai to Oahu paddle boarding challenges, Mitchell found himself last week being dumped by a monster wave.

Getting his thrills chasing big waves, Mitchell found himself last week at the French offshore reef called Belharra near the town of Saint-Jean de Luz in the southwest corner of the Bay of Biscay.

Paddling into a wave described as at least 60-foot high by fellow big wave rider Shane Dorian, Mitchell managed to get up on his feet but didn't last much longer as he suffered a spectacular wipeout.

The thick, bowling up right which was held up by a strong offshore wind showed no mercy once Mitchell left the board either.

The wave didn't care that the now-Currumbin resident had spent a good portion of 2013 living in Monaco where he worled for Princess Charlene, wife of the the reigning monarch Albert II.

The big question now is whether Jamie's wave will be up for an award in the upcoming Billabong XXL Awards. It probably won't win Ride of the Year because he fell but Wipeout of the Year could be a good consolation award.

Click here to see Mitchell's reaction to his incredible wipeout. Fast forward to 2m45s into the video for it.