Winter on Gold Coast continues worrying trend

THE long-term trend of drier winters has continued on the Gold Coast.

Bureau of Meteorology meteorologist Lauren Pattie said rainfall was "a touch below the long-term average" and winter was marked by "near average temperatures".

The average winter rainfall on the Gold Coast is about 200mm and parts of the Coast recorded only 100mm, Ms Pattie said.

While some areas were blessed with up to 250mm, the downpours were linked to storm systems and not at all widespread.

The Gold Coast Seaway recorded 227mm.

The coldest temperature was on July 5 when it hit 7.2 degrees at the Seaway.

The hottest temperature was on August 19 when 26.3 degrees was recorded.

"It's been very dry," Ms Pattie said.

"The trend of the dry winters continues, though there was a little more rain than last year.

"It was a little bit wetter, but certainly not a wet winter by any stretch.

"With the temperatures, the trend of warmer than average continued."

Ms Pattie said there were "rain bands in the southwest" of the state, which "never really swept east" to give the Gold Coast a drenching.

Originally published as Winter on Gold Coast continues worrying trend