Furious mums have slammed a retailer after missing out on items from a limited-edition collection featuring cartoon character Bluey.
Furious mums have slammed a retailer after missing out on items from a limited-edition collection featuring cartoon character Bluey.

'No child died from not having a pair of bloody pyjamas'

MUMS across the country have taken to social media to savage retailer Bonds after they missed out on items from a hugely popular release of Bluey-themed childrens' clothing.

In a social media post on Tuesday, Bonds released a pre-sale of the range to loyalty club members, promising that a second drop would be available at 9am today.

Most of Tuesday's stock sold out within minutes, and angry customers took to Facebook to complain that no new stock was released on Wednesday.

The range was also made available at selected Bonds stores around the country.

Six items remain on the Bonds website, and most sizes are sold out.

Tuesday's post on the Bonds Facebook page has had almost 3000 comments, with many from mums expressing their disappointment at missing out.

"Seriously? You obviously have NO idea how popular Bluey really is," one woman wrote.

"Honestly, this is the biggest train wreck of a release I've ever seen," another added.

"Bonds, you really need to reconsider your business model - limited editions for a product that is guaranteed to be popular is doing nothing but disappointing thousands of your loyal customers," another mum said.

Some shoppers said they had the hotly sought-after items in their shopping carts, yet they were out of stock when they tried to pay.

But not everyone was angry.

"Bonds, ignore the haters and the sooks. Limited edition means exactly that. No child ever died from not having a certain pair of bloody pyjamas. How about turning the news on and looking at real issues!" one woman wrote.

Bonds told shoppers they had no plans to restock the range, and several sold-out items have already been listed for auction on eBay today.

Bonds' Bluey release is believed to be even more popular than their Jungle Book range, where onesies featuring the character Baloo were re-sold for up to $100 online.

A Bonds spokeswoman said they were very excited to have launched the first-ever clothing collaboration for Bluey.

"Our team wanted to create unique designs that reflected the fun, playfulness and adventurous spirit of the iconic TV show," she said.

"We're thrilled our customers loved the designs so much, with the range an instant hit and some items selling out very quickly online."

She said the demand for the Bonds x Bluey range had been "overwhelming".

"And as such we did experience high traffic to our website. Our customer service team are supporting individual concerns," she said.

"It's always so great to see a product range that resonates with our customers so strongly."

She said there is still limited product available online and in selected Bonds Kids stores.