Grafton girl Jasmine Morris, 20, aka Jasmine Moore.
Grafton girl Jasmine Morris, 20, aka Jasmine Moore.

Where's Jasmine?

WILL we ever know what happened to Jasmine Morris, also known as Jasmine Moore?

Almost three months after the 19-year-old was last seen in Grafton, even Jasmine’s family is beginning to lose hope.

Speaking from her Chapman Street home where Jasmine was living before her disappearance, Jasmine’s mother, Donna, expressed frustration, confusion and sorrow yesterday as to her daughter’s fate.

“No amount of talking is going to bring her back to me,” she said.

“It’s after Christmas now – it’s been too long ... everybody already knows every little thing about her but she’s still not here.

“It (speaking publicly) won’t do any good – it won’t bring her back and it won’t do any good if she’s lying dead somewhere.”

In earlier statements, Donna described Jasmine as a happy young girl who would socialise with anyone.

Jasmine was last seen by her brother at Bi-Lo, South Grafton on Tuesday, October 6 and despite an exhaustive investigation involving many potential sightings, police have so far been unable to locate her.

Detective Mick Lister said Jasmine’s mobile phone and bank accounts had not been used since her disappearance.

People with any information about Jasmine’s whereabouts should contact Grafton police on 6642 0222.