Are Northern Rivers residents set for a petrol price rise these school holidays?
Are Northern Rivers residents set for a petrol price rise these school holidays?

What you need to know about fuel prices as holidays start

WITH the school holidays here once again and families look forward to a much-needed break, regional travel will be a popular option.

Northern Rivers residents can breathe easy as petrol prices look set to remain stable despite a potential influx of travellers to the area.

NRMA spokesperson, Bridget Ahern, said that due to the wholesale and world oil price remaining steady, no rises were on the cards.

"For the Northern Rivers region, prices are relatively stable at the moment, we haven't seen any big jumps or any huge falls but that is good news for most drivers particularly heading into the school holiday period," Ms Ahern said.

"The wholesale price and the world oil price, starting to creep back up again, in the past week it hasn't done much, it's stayed pretty stable so we're not expecting any prices to be past onto regions anytime soon."

Sometimes retailers can look to take advantage of increased area travel and activity but residents are likely to be spared these school holidays.

"It shouldn't happen … prices shouldn't be jumping up just because it's the school holidays and at the NRMA we're really careful to monitor prices to double check that," Ms Ahern said.

"At the moment, we haven't received any indication that people are increasing their prices just because it's the school holidays, we've seen prices stay fairly stable particularly in regional NSW at the moment."

In good news, popular travel destination Ballina is witnessing some increased competition in at the bowser with prices ranging from $1.20 to $1.23 per litre.

"The fact you have variance in the different prices in Ballina is really encouraging for us to see, when they were all at the same price it didn't give consumers much chance to exercise any of their consumer power by shopping at the cheaper one," Ms Ahern said.

"The fact that there is a little bit of competition heating up in the Ballina region is a good thing for drivers."

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