A whale carcass has washed up on South Ballina Beach. This one was at Tallow Beach a few years ago.
A whale carcass has washed up on South Ballina Beach. This one was at Tallow Beach a few years ago. Christian Morrow

20m whale carcass on local beach sparks shark warning

LATEST: Northern Rivers residents and visitors have been warned to stay out of the water "as a precaution" after a whale died at a beach south of Ballina.

ORRCA vice president Jools Farrell said her organisation was alerted of the issue earlier this afternoon.

"As a precaution, it's a good idea if people avoided the water around that area," she said.

"There is no evidence of sharks in that particular area but it is nature and sharks will always be attracted by a whale carcass."

It's understood the whale died at the beach today.

National Parks and Wildife Service said the whale was about 20m long, and was being washed on the beach south of Ballina.  

"NPWS and Richmond Valley Council staff attended site and confirmed the whale was deceased," a spokesperson said.

"The carcass is currently in the surf zone and under influence of the swell.  

"NPWS will provide advice to Crown Lands on their options to safely manage the carcass.  

"At this stage, the species is yet to be confirmed."

Ms Farrell said the exact location of the whale carcass will not be confirmed to avoid people going to see it.

"It is an area that is 4WD access only so it is not a very frequented place," she said.

"Representatives from NSW Parks and ORRCA have been in the area today.

"The last thing we will need this weekend is large numbers of people in that area.

"There will probably be heavy machinery working there soon, and an exclusion zone has already been placed, so please, it would be great if people do not go looking for the whale."


Original story: A WHALE carcass has washed up on a beach south of Ballina.

According to the Dorsal app, National Parks and Wildlife Service confirmed the carcass had washed up south of Ballina around 3pm.

"Please be shark smart," the advice added.

Earlier today, a similar whale carcass sparked a shark feeding frenzy at Bulli, south of Sydney.

Sharks as big as five metres long were filmed circling the remains.

National Parks has been contacted for comment.

More to come.