Trevor Veale

Two drivers go DUI twice in one night

A POLICE operation in which more than 1200 drivers were stopped between Saturday and Monday saw two drivers arrested twice in the one night.

Officers from traffic and highway patrol with the Tweed/Byron Local Area Command targeted drink driving and drug use.

Police breath tested 1224 drivers with nine drivers charged with drink-driving.

A male p-plate driver was breathe tested by police and charged with low range PCA, a short time later he was caught again.

A female driver was arrested by police for a breath analysis which returned an alleged high range reading, two hours later she was at it again when she blew high range a second time.

Another 385 drivers were drug tested with 13 people testing positive, while 26 traffic infringement notices were issued.

Traffic and highway patrol's Superintendent Stuart Smith said the poor behaviour of drivers detected under the influence was alarming.

"Getting behind the wheel while under the influence is not only extremely irresponsible but against the law," he said.

"The judgement and reaction times of a driver affected by drugs or alcohol can be seriously impaired and their risk of being in a crash increases.

"Every police car has the capacity to breath test a driver and we will continue these operations to target those taking unnecessary risks."