Two Air France planes bound for Paris diverted


AN AIR France flight bound for Paris from Los Angeles has been diverted to Salt Lake City because of a phoned-in bomb threat.

The plane has since landed without incident and all the passengers are off safely. 

Federal Aviation Administration spokesman Allen Kenitzer says Air France Flight 65, an Airbus A-380, had taken off from Los Angeles International Airport on Tuesday night for Charles de Gaulle Airport in Paris.

Salt Lake City International Airport spokeswoman Bianca Shreeve says the empty plane is a safe distance from the terminal, and the FBI is taking over the investigation with assistance from airport police and K-9 units.

She did not yet know whether the plane had been searched or have any further details on the phone threat.

An earlier Air France bound for Paris from Washington was also diverted to Halifax in Nova Scotia. was also diverted after leaving Washington.

A spokesman for Halifax Stanfield International Airport Peter Spurway said the Boeing 777 landed safely.

He said the 298 passengers and crew are exiting the plane and being taken to a secure area in the airport.

1:40 PM TWO Air France planes have been diverted, just days after the attacks on Paris.

Flightradar says a flight from Washington to Paris has now landed in Halifax, Nova Scotia and another flight that left Los Angeles for Paris stopped at Salt Lake City due to a 'security incident'.

A spokesperson for Halifax Stanfield International Airport says the plane landed safely and passengers are exiting the plane.