Donald Trump goes down in two primaries, losing lead margin

PRESIDENTIAL hopefuls Ted Cruz and Marco Rubio have closed the gap on Republican frontrunner Donald Trump in the Washington DC and Wyoming primaries.

Senator Rubio took out Washington DC, capturing 37.3% of the vote, ahead of Ohio Governor John Kasich's 35.5%.

Mr Trump finished third with 13.8%.

The result gave Sen Rubio 10 of the 19 delegates up for grabs. Governor Kasich got nine and Mr Trump none.

In Wyoming, Texas Senator Cruz captured a commanding 66.3% of the votes, ahead of Senator Rubio on 19.5% and Mr Trump on 7.2%.

That gave Sen Cruz nine delegates, while Senator Rubio and Mr Trump scored one each.

Sen Cruz also picked up a delegate in the US island territory of Guam, where the other five delegates remained uncommitted.

With 1237 delegates required for one of the candidates to gain the Republican nomination - and 1401 not yet allocated - Mr Trump has 460, Sen Cruz 370, Sen Rubio 163 and Gov Kasich 63.

There is much at stake for the candidates in tonight's primaries in the delegate-rich states of Florida, Illinois, Missouri, North Carolina and Ohio.