Top 50 homes in NSW revealed (part two)


It takes a lot for a house to be among NSW's best.

The Premier State, and particularly Sydney, has some of the country's most glamorous homes and they are part of what has solidified NSW's reputation as one of the most beautiful spots in the world.

Our homes are so treasured that some have even become well known landmarks or must-see attractions included in tours of the Harbour and elsewhere. They've also made history with multimillion-dollar prices that would be unthinkable in any other location in the southern hemisphere.

But which house is the state's best?

It's a question worth asking considering the undeniable footprint real estate has made on the public psyche in our state. It is no accident that the Harbour City is easily the country's most valuable housing market and it remains the only capital where, love it or hate it, the median house price is above $1m.

And it's with this in mind that The Sunday Telegraph has undergone the exhaustive task of selecting the top 50 houses, ranked from 50 to one.

Many of the homes featured in the rankings were ambitious architectural projects that tread new ground or trophy homes with something that distinguished them from the norm.

But the list is also a celebration of the biggest and boldest houses, the properties that smashed the record books and the intriguing characters behind them.

Price and size were a factor: Sydney is home to at least five houses with an estimated value above $100m and some feature a labyrinth of rooms across up to 2000 sqm of floorspace. Many of the properties at the top of our list also have a rich history dating to the Victorian or convict era - stories that have often hooked big spending celebrities and billionaires.

The Hermitage in Vaucluse remains one of the country’s most significant historic homes.
The Hermitage in Vaucluse remains one of the country’s most significant historic homes.

Other homes are unrivalled building projects launched at a scale never seen before, including Hollywood star Chris Hemsworth's palatial Byron Bay home and the gargantuan retreat Menulog founder Leon Kamenev has spent more than $100m constructing.

Of course, no list of flashy homes would be complete without a mention of James Packer, who is undertaking a new build of epic proportions in one of Sydney's tallest skyscrapers.

As we continue our countdown, we hope to challenge you to think about what home means to you. Some of these houses are places we can only dream about, but others we hope will inspire your next project, or even your next stage of life.

Originally published as Top 50 homes in NSW revealed