This is the 21st Century and it's time for equality

IT IS the debate of the season, but consider this:

Homosexuality has been a part of humanity since humans first walked the earth. Gay people are not the product of a society gone mad nor a sign of an impending apocalypse.

Gay people are as human, fragile, loving, intelligent and as much a walking, breathing miracle of creation as you and I.

This is the 21st Century and it is time for marriage equality.

Aussies love Jimmy Barnes, Sunday morning cook-ups and to think we are all equal before God. Right?

The so-called sacred covenant of marriage is no longer working for most heterosexual Aussies.

Two out of three marriages fail. Why do opponents of marriage equality insist the "sacred" union be protected from the gays when so many heterosexuals treat it like a disposable coffee filter?

Again, this disrespect for the institution of marriage is not a sign that the end is nigh. It is a sign that society is evolving - changing.

I accept and respect the wisdom that absolutely does come with age and I know not all change is good. But not all change is bad either.

Change can lead to a kinder, better world for more of us.

Without change, we would still live in caves, many more of us would die slow, agonising deaths from disease, injury and childbirth.

We would still think the earth was flat, "witches" and "heretics" would be legally murdered and women wouldn't vote.

Without change, Barnaby Joyce could not be Deputy PM because he might be part Kiwi.

Maybe we need a plebiscite...