Boy George stormed off the set of The Voice.
Boy George stormed off the set of The Voice.

Voice coach shocks with ‘strange’ tantrum

VIEWERS were left scratching their heads as to why Boy George stormed off the set of The Voice in last night's opening episode.

Boy George and fellow coaches Delta Goodrem, Guy Sebastian and Kelly Rowland all turned their chairs for contestant Daniel Shaw, a 20-year-old busker from Melbourne who played the piano and sang Beneath Your Beautiful for his audition.

While trying to woo Daniel onto his team, Boy George asked him, "Do you play guitar?"

"I can play guitar but no one really cares if I play guitar," the contestant replied.


Daniel Shaw has been busking for more than 10 years.
Daniel Shaw has been busking for more than 10 years.


Daniel, 20, is from Melbourne.
Daniel, 20, is from Melbourne.


The comment annoyed Boy George who then told the singer he didn't want him on his team.

"No one cares? I do. I think after that comment go with Delta," the Culture Club singer said. "No one cares if I play guitar? What a weird thing to say."

As Guy Sebastian made his pitch to Daniel, Boy George grabbed his phone and walked off the set.

The tantrum stunned his fellow coaches who watched awkwardly as a producer ran after Boy George and tried to convince him to return to the set.

"F**k off, don't follow me," Boy George yelled at the show's executive producer backstage. "I'm annoyed. He turns around and goes to me, 'Who cares if I play guitar?' That's not cool. I'm not going back. F**k off."

Some viewers took to social media to express their shock and confusion about Boy George storming off.

"Fail to see why he cracked it and left?" one viewer wrote on Twitter. "He (Daniel) clearly meant that people are more interested in listening to him busking when he plays keyboard then guitar. Buckets in a twist George over nothing.

"That was all very strange," another viewer wrote. "The kid was slightly odd, and I'm not sure what was going through BG's mind, but for the life of me, I can't work out why anyone was offended."

Another viewer wrote, "I'm bewildered as to why BG cracked it? Seems unprofessional to me?! Poor kid went red, probably mortified! I would be!"

Some viewers sided with Boy George though and felt Daniel's reply to Boy George's question was rude.

"The young guy was very impolite!" one viewer wrote on Twitter. "George tried to establish a conversation and he replied in a very arrogant and snooty way! No respect at all! George was right to leave!"

Another wrote: "He was being curt & dismissive towards @BoyGeorge. Not cool."

Viewers will have to wait until tonight's episode to see if Boy George eventually returns to the set (we're tipping he will).


The Voice is back tonight at 7.30pm on Channel 9