Graffitti tags were spray painted at the Murwillumbah Hockey Clubhouse.
Graffitti tags were spray painted at the Murwillumbah Hockey Clubhouse.

Teen busted over graffiti had magic mushrooms, knife

A young person has been caught tagging the Murwillumbah hockey clubhouse with spray paint.

At 10.45pm on January 22, officers from the Tweed Byron Police District were called to the Barry Smith Hockey Fields in Brisbane St, in relation to several people doing graffiti at the clubhouse and smashing bottles.

When police arrived, numerous youths ran from the scene, but an officer noticed a vehicle parked nearby with several beer bottles on the back.

Police patrolled the area to locate the youths, while one officer remained near the vehicle. Within minutes, two youths returned to the car and the officer told the youths to lie on the ground.

The graffiti tags were in green spray paint and was still wet and recently done.

One of the 17-year-olds admitted doing some of the graffiti.

Police noticed the young person was slurring his words and unsteady on his feet and could smell alcohol on his breath.

He also appeared to be affected by both alcohol and drugs, as his eyes were bloodshot.

Inside the youth’s bag, officers found one plastic resealable bag containing cannabis leaf (3.85g) and another bag containing magic mushrooms (Psilocybin, 5.58g), plus a knife.

In the vehicle, police located one can of green spray paint in the front of the passenger seat, the same colour used to spray paint the hockey clubhouse.

The youth’s parent was advised of the incident and was given a formal caution in relation to the matter.