Teacher union calls for full Gonski funding

THE national teachers union has again called on Prime Minister Tony Abbott to commit to funding the full six years of the Gonski reforms, despite the government moving ahead with its own agenda.

After a lengthy 22,500km journey around the country, the Australian Education Union's Gonski tour met at Parliament House in Canberra.

The campaign is part of a national effort urging the government to commit to the original funding model, and timeframe, promised by the previous government.

But while Education Minister Christopher Pyne has committed to four years of equivalent funding, with extra to come through a new model after then, the union said it was not enough.

Those reforms are part of the government's wider education agenda to improve teacher quality and school autonomy and the school curriculum, a review of which is already under way.

AEU federal president Angelo Gavrielatos said Mr Abbott had "a clear choice" between leaving public schools properly funding or risking "widening achievement gaps".

"Failure will leave a significant number of public schools across the country without an adequate level of resources, which is an unacceptable outcome for students, families and the future of the nation," he said.

"Two-thirds of the Gonski funding is to be delivered to schools in the last two years of the six-year agreement, and these are the years that are in doubt until we see the forward estimates in the May budget."

The specific amount of funding, and over what timeframe it will be delivered is unlikely to be revealed by the government until its May budget.