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Taylor Swift hit with new round of death threats

TAYLOR Swift and her superstar friends have been threatened with death threats from the same internet troll.

Police are on the hunt for the alleged online abuser who is said to have posted messages to the 'Style' hitmaker as well as several of her BFFs, including Gigi Hadid and Cara Delevingne, according to gossip website TMZ.

The troll reportedly sent Taylor, 25, a message saying "I will kill some of you" and messaged Cara, 23, saying: "I will kill your friends and I am excited about it." They are also said to have tweeted Gigi: "people gon die they're gon die die die die! (sic)"

Law enforcement sources told the website that they first heard about the threats from Taylor's pal Jaime King's husband Kyle Newman after she was sent similar messages.

The police then attained a warrant to search through the social media site's records.

Mother-of-one Chrissy Teigen, who gave birth to daughter Luna five weeks ago, is also said to have been targeted.

She was told: "gonna give it one shot, but I probably gonna end up murdering your friends (sic)"

Sadly, death threats are nothing new for Taylor.

In October 2014, the blonde stunner revealed she hadn't been able to drive herself for the last six years and is flanked by security at all times for her own safety.

She said: "[It's] because [of] just the sheer number of men we have in a file who have showed up at my house, showed up at my mom's house, threatened to either kill me, kidnap me, or marry me."

Last month, an "emotionally disturbed" man was detained at Taylor's New York City home.

Taylor's security staff found the would-be intruder and called police. It was not clear if he made any threats or gained access to her property.