Wallaby photographed at Couran Cove Island Resort.
Wallaby photographed at Couran Cove Island Resort.

Tame wallaby allegedly bashed to death in front of diners

RSPCA officers are investigating after a tame wallaby was allegedly bludgeoned to death in front of shocked diners at a South Stradbroke Island eco resort last week.

It is believed the marsupial was looking for food in a bin near Couran Cove's restaurant when a security guard attacked it, bashing it with a wooden implement at the door of the venue before dragging the bloodied carcass into the bush.

Couran Cove Island Resort is promoted as an eco-friendly destination surrounded by "natural bushland and wildlife" where wallabies live "as friends".

The wallabies nearby accommodation at Couran Cove Island Resort, South Stradbroke Island.
The slain wallaby is understood to be one of many tame male wallabies known as a "pets" to the fulltime residents.

Island sources said two groups of diners were eating dinner when the native Australian animal was killed in front of them.

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