‘I drop my gear and I am free’ Rainer Mueckenberger from nudist retreat Noosa Edge Paradise serving refreshments to guests.
‘I drop my gear and I am free’ Rainer Mueckenberger from nudist retreat Noosa Edge Paradise serving refreshments to guests.

TAKE A PEEK: Noosa’s answer to the Playboy Mansion

WARNING: Some content and images in this story contain nudity.

RAINER Mueckenberger was only 16 when he was first introduced to the world of nudism.

It was suggested to him by a doctor to help with a health condition he had at the time.

Now the youthful 70-year-old is a huge advocate for getting the gear off and getting back to nature.

So much so he has set up his own adults only, nudist retreat, Noosa Edge Paradise.

From the outside, the Doonan property looks just like any other.

The two-metre tall, sign-free fence gives absolutely no indication of what goes on beyond the walls.

But once the gate opens you are transported to a whole new world.

A world of pleasure rooms, tantric massages and bondage courses.

A favourite for many of the guests is the aptly named, The Cave.

With lights that turn off and on with the human voice, a spa bath with bubbles that reach the ceiling and plenty of convenient ropes, handles and oils, The Cave is not for the faint-hearted.

It goes without saying Rainer's retreat attracts a certain kind of clientele.

"Here you can be free of your restrictions," he said.

As he suggests, the sometimes taboo subject of naturism allows people of all walks of life to find their true selves.

"They want to drop their police uniform or their building uniform," he said.

"You drop all your clothes and we are all the same."

Noosa's answer to the Playboy Mansion is proving popular with guests checking in from all over the country and beyond.

"We just had a doctor here from Sydney for the tenth time," he said.

The nudist retreat caters for everyone from the naturist couple who simply want to enjoy the privacy of the lush green surroundings, to the couple, or couples, wanting to book some time in The Bondage Room or The Cave and experience a lot more.

"I am just a facilitator, I am not an organiser for adult fun," Rainer said.

"Whatever happens in The Cave stays in The Cave."

Rainer believes this unique way of life for many people is a powerful way to reconnect to the healing powers of nature.

"Sun, water and air are all elementary healing methods, with nudity you have automatically influenced these three elements and recharged your better grounding," he said.

Regardless of other people's opinions or thoughts of his lifestyle, Rainer is adamant this unique world gives him the ultimate freedom.

"I drop my gear and I am free," he said.

Take a peek inside Noosa's nudist retreat in our photo gallery below.