Bipartisan support to remove abuse claim time limit in NSW

BOTH sides of New South Wales politics have backed legislation removing the statute of limitations on civil child abuse claims.

The bill is moving through the lower house and attracting support from all corners.

However, Labor Member for Prospect Hugh McDermott claimed the government was playing politics with the issue.

Mr McDermott used his maiden speech to parliament last year to pay tribute to his mother, who was abused after being taken from her parents and sent to Bidura Children's Home as a small child.

"I do express my disappointment that a similar bill was put forward by the Opposition last year, and the government decided to oppose that bill," Mr McDermott said.

"Simply playing politics with this matter I find offensive.

"And it beggars belief that the government would basically vote down a similar bill last year simply because the Opposition put it forward."

When government members interjected to say Labor's law was "similar" but not the same, Mr McDermott said he had read the fine print and knew exactly what he was talking about.

"I've also lived with these matters all my life," he said.

Until the new law comes into effect, survivors of child sexual abuse have only three years after they turn 18 to file a civil claim against perpetrators. -APN NEWSDESK