A promotional shot for Star Wars 8.
A promotional shot for Star Wars 8.

Star Wars 8 name might have been revealed on Reddit

TALE of the Jedi Temple and The Order of the Dark Side have both been posited as the titles of Star Wars 8, but now a new possibility has been thrown into the mix.

A 37-second video found its way onto Reddit, causing everyone to freak out.

It shows an illuminated screen bearing authentic-looking Star Wars branding and the words 'Fall of the Resistance'.

There are a few possibilities here:

1) It's real and Disney has somehow messed up the no doubt big reveal it was planning

2) It's a fake, and a pretty impressive one, what with the convention-esque background noise (I can't find evidence of 'Star Wars Generation' being a thing)

3) It is a real title, but not for Star Wars 8 - possibly a video game or mini-series

Another Redditor already claims to have debunked the title, writing: "'Fall of the Resistance' is not the real title, however it has similarities. The real title is: The Fallen Knights. No "source" from me, sorry. You'll just have to take my word for it."

I'm not even going to begin to try and analyse and interpret these titles when they're still so speculative, and I hope whatever it is, it's a little more interesting than all of these, though historically Star Wars has always used slightly boring, ambiguous titles (The Empire Strikes Back, The Force Awakens etc).

Given the film is supposed to have an indie sensibility, my money is on director Rian Johnson picking something a bit different, if indeed Disney will let him.