Claire Atkins, Kate Foster and Kate Horsley in the play Shit, coming to the Drill Hall Theatre in Mullumbimby from March 12 to 28.
Claire Atkins, Kate Foster and Kate Horsley in the play Shit, coming to the Drill Hall Theatre in Mullumbimby from March 12 to 28.

‘Sh*t’ storm: Council impounds theatre play signs

Promotional material for the Drill Hall Theatre’s upcoming production of Patricia Cornellius’ play Shit have been removed by residents and council.

Actor and publicist Clare Atkins said the promotional material went missing recently.

“Our upcoming production of the award-winning play Shit has ruffled feathers in the community, with some residents and Byron council removing and impounding promotional signage,” she said.

“I have been involved in local theatre for 10 or 11 years and I have never seen council impound our signs before, and we always place them in the same spots.

“The council officer I have spoken to said they only remove signs if there are complaints about them, but she did not confirm if that was the case here.”

Ms Atkins said if they retrieved the signs from council, the company was facing a fee of $12 per day, for each day council had kept the three signs.

Council would also charge an extra $37 fee per sign impounded.

The theatre company had ten 900mm by 600mm signs made for this production, with five of them located around Mullumbimby and Ocean Shores. All of them had disappeared, Ms Atkins said.

“Some of our posters have disappeared too,” she added.

“For a production done from the smell of an oily rag, this is devastating and it makes us wonder who is so scared of such a word as to complain to council and remove our signs.”

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The production is set to play at the Drill Hall Theatre from March 12 to 28.

Shit positions a spotlight on the systemic failure of our nation’s child protection and social services system.

Director Liz Chance said the play led audiences into uncomfortable territory, and without setting a foot on stage, had already managed to ruffle feathers in the community.

Shit is a deeply provocative play, and its title is a provocation, but it’s not gratuitous,” she said.

“The play centres around the lives of three women who have been neglected and abused while they were in state care. Their lives are shit, and they believe they’re shit because that’s exactly what they’ve been told their whole life.”

Besides Ms Atkins, Kate Foster and Kate Horsley complete the cast.

The play enjoyed a sellout season in 2019 and returns to the Drill Hall by public demand.

The show features an original soundscape by music producer Paul Pilsneniks and choreography by dancer and photographer Kate Holmes.

For details and bookings, visit Please note this show features Offensive language and adult themes, for mature audiences only.

Byron Shire Council was contacted for comment.