Terror as huge crocodile attacks fishing boat.
Terror as huge crocodile attacks fishing boat.

Terror as huge croc attacks fishing boat

TWO fishermen received the fright of their lives when a monster crocodile leapt out of the water and attacked their small boat.

The croc can be seen silently swimming up to the back of the boat and lurking in the water before lunging at it's occupants and taking a bite of the chair.

The video was uploaded to Facebook by Suzuki Marine Aust/NZ and in it one of the men can be heard telling the crocodile to "back up" before it lunges.

The footage was reportedly sent in by a customer but it remains unclear exactly where it was shot.

People commented on the video suggested that it was probably filmed in Queensland or the Northern Territory.

Commenters were quick to suggest that anyone in a similar situation should move on as quickly as possible and not push their luck with a croc that size.

"Yep, have had two incidents like this in tinny. Didn't let it get that far. As soon as the crocs show an interest I move on. When you're in a 3.7 mtr tinny there's no sense pushing the envelope," one person wrote.

"They are so much more calm then I would be in that situation," another said.

Warning: Very strong language.