Sarah McLeod for Adelaide Confidential Picture: Supplied
Sarah McLeod for Adelaide Confidential Picture: Supplied

Rock god Sarah McLeod changes things up for Ballina gig

Good news for Sarah McLeod fans – she’s coming to Ballina next month.

The singer, songwriter, guitarist and now pianist is bringing her The Solo Electric Lady Tour to Ballina RSL on March 5.

Her fans will be seeing and hearing a whole other side of popular artist, but will also get to hear her play staples from her last solo album, 2017’s Rocky’s Diner.

Ms McLeod said she has migrated to playing piano in recent years and has found herself inspired by the instrument.

“I find that playing the piano seems to change the whole mood of things I write,” Ms McLeod said.

“It’s so much more emotive. The guitar for me is more of an upbeat, goodtime rock’n’roll situation, but piano really draws on the heart strings and I love it.

“It makes me write in a different way. It makes me feel different.”

But don’t worry – The Superjesus fans will also be pleased to hear the band’s hit songs will be showcased but with a slight twist.

“I’ve rewritten The Superjesus songs as beautiful piano pieces, to give them a different edge – or lack of edge,” Ms McLeod said.

“In The Superjesus I play in different tunings and that’s cool but I don’t know what the chords are called.

“So when I got to piano, I have no idea how to read music so I just sit there and tinker until I find sounds, which takes forever, but I’m really committed to the style.

“I’m finding really interesting voicings these days, like moving the bass around, and it’s making me a better guitar player, strangely.”

Sarah McLeod will be performing a the Ballina RSL on March 5.

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