Reuben Drake hopes to make some mosaic sales at the Y-shop.
Reuben Drake hopes to make some mosaic sales at the Y-shop. Cade Mooney

Reuben's artistic flair

REUBEN Drake has been busy making mosaics for the past five months and with boxes full of trays, candleholders and beautiful glass jars, he is ready to make some money from them.

The 22-year-old Forest Glen resident will take advantage of Sunshine Coast Council's Y-shop - an initiative encouraging young entrepreneurs to sell their wares at local libraries over the summer holidays.

Reuben makes traditional mosaics with tiles and glass but also does pique assiette, using broken pieces of ceramic crockery.

"A friend of mine from my old school told me about mosaics and that's what got me interested," Reuben said.

"I'm happy about doing the Y-shop - I reckon I'll make plenty of money from it," he laughed.

Reuben, who has a neurological disability and is completing the Access Program at TAFE, heard about the Y-shop from his TAFE teacher Paula Ingles.

He and his mum Kate said that the initiative was a great place for him to start his business.

"We thought about local markets but weren't sure if it was the right place yet," Ms Drake said.

"It's exciting for Reuben and we're thankful to the library for this opportunity.

"It's a nice place to get started."

Reuben, who is also a talented painter, has sold artworks previously but this will be the first time he has sold his mosaics.

"It will be good to make some money because I've got voluntary jobs but not paid jobs," Reuben said.

He volunteers at the Sundale Garden Village retirement community, Meals on Wheels and The Salvation Army.

Library and gallery services manager Ross Duncan said the Y-shop concept already had drawn plenty of interest from parents, youth agencies and young people across the Coast.

"Council has already received a number of applications from interested young entrepreneurs but we are keen to encourage more," Mr Duncan said.

He said the council was running the program to help young, creative people showcase their talent.

To find out more information, visit your local Sunshine Coast library or