DROUGHT SMART: Residents share some of the more creative and quirky ways to sae water. - Stock image ipad generic
DROUGHT SMART: Residents share some of the more creative and quirky ways to sae water. - Stock image ipad generic

Residents share weird ways to save water

LIVING on 10L of water a day is something to be proud of, but avocado farmer Silas Long says he is water conscious because he must be.

A low tank, a dry dam spring and a long wait on water deliveries and "no access to emergncey water" has forced the Whain Whian resident to use a mere 10L of water a day, but Mr Long said he only has enough water because he uses a composting toilet, uses a laundromat and is a single person.

"I wash my clothes in town once a week at a laundromat and use 10L a day for washing and drinking at home," the Whian Whian resident said.

With drought conditions in the region tipped to worsen over the coming months, The Northern Star asked Facebook readers to share some of the more creative, quirky ways they save water.

Aside from the more well known tricks, like showering with buckets or the good old if it's yellow let it mellow, if it's brown flush it down, some people in the region were certainly getting creative when it came to saving water.

Lucia Wolf said "my partner and I shower together every day".

Leonie Gentle puts a "bucket in the shower to put on the lawn and gardens. Run a hose from the washing machine onto gardens and lawn".

While Nicolette Johnson waits for hot water to travel to the kitchen sink from the heater, she fills a watering can and use that on her plants.

"I only water plants that produce food, like citrus trees and the veggie garden," she said.

Jenna Jones runs a hose from the washing machine into the garden and poke holes in the hose every 10cms so her plants get plenty of water.

Lee Knight collects washing machine water and uses it for watering garden and "tries to have a shower the length of a song on Spotify."

Kirra Alyce Dwyer said she bathes kids in one lot of bath water then uses it on her garden.

"I also catch the cold water when you first turn the shower on in buckets and

put a bucket in the sink to catch any extra unused water," she said.

Eleanor Lavish said she runs a hose from aircon outlet directly into watering can and waters her plants with that.

Belinda Ann Robinson said she "turns the tap off when actually brushing your teeth, turn tap off when rubbing soap into your hands.

"The weather is warm enough now that you could wet yourself in the shower, then turn off shower while soaping up or rubbing in shampoo, then turn on to rinse it off.

"When I need to clean out my fish tank, I use the water on my plants."