Charleville missed its 150th anniversary by three years.
Charleville missed its 150th anniversary by three years.

Queensland town misses 150th anniversary by three years

A TOWN in southwest Queensland had been making preparations to celebrate their 150 year anniversary, only to have their party plans foiled after discovering they were a bit late.

Local authorities in Charleville found that the major milestone had in fact come and gone, after they missed the mark by three years.

The Murweh Shire Council had begun planing the festivities for what they believed was the towns official recognition in 1868 but a look into state records delivered a party-pooping blow, showing the moment had actually happened in 1865.

"We put so much budget towards it, then we found out it was gone. It was the biggest shock to all of us, I can tell you," Mayor Annie Liston told the BBC.

"We were all prepared to have this big shindig next year and [the date] is not even correct."

Mayor Liston said a party for the 3,300 residents will still be going ahead next year and alternative plans are currently in the works.