Pyne's Budgie Nine staffer decides to resign

A GOVERNMENT staffer who spent four days in a filthy Malaysian holding cell has resigned from his position in the office of Defence Minister Christopher Pyne.

The staffer, senior policy adviser Jack Walker - one of nine men dubbed the Budgie Nine after they were arrested for stripping down to speedos at the Malaysian Grand Prix - resigned shortly after flying back to Australia last week. 

"Jack indicated to me his deep regret for causing any embarrassment to the Government and apologised," Mr Pyne said via a statement released to the ABC.

The news follows a call by Prime Minister Malcolm Turnbull for the members of the Budgie Nine to reflect on their actions.

"Certainly the young man involved needs to have a very hard look at himself and I'm sure he will be considering his future carefully," Turnbull told FiveAA radio on Friday.

"They apologised to the court, and that was appropriate, and they're home or on their way home and that's good.

 "The Malaysian authorities were very lenient and the Australian men were very repentant, but they do need to reflect very seriously on their conduct.

"It's just a reminder ... when you're overseas you have to respect the laws of the country you're visiting, just as we expect foreign visitors to respect and comply with the laws of Australia when they're visiting us."