Protest double-standard needs explaining

Either we are in a COVID emergency - and the rules apply to everyone - or we're not.

What about the thousands of people who have lost loved ones over the past three months and have suffered the pain of not being able to properly farewell the dead? Don't these lives matter too?

I have dear friends who lost their 16-year-old son to suicide recently. Fearing yet another suicide - it's been a pattern in recent months in the town where they live - the mother made the brave but hellish decision to hold off the service in order that her son's friends could attend and grieve their mate.

The Victorian police minister refused multiple requests for an exemption to the limit on attendees even though the requests were supported by senior health experts due to the copycat risk and youth mental health concerns. So, it was after waiting a month (yes a month, can imagine that pain?), the family buried their beautiful boy with attendees capped at 30, but with literally hundreds and hundreds in their driveways as the cortege moved through town.

Why did we force them to go through this if you can just hold up a banner and do what you like regardless of the law, or the health concerns of others?

You want to talk about dividing Australians? Allowing the laws to apply to some, and not to others - well that's about as divisive as it gets.

Originally published as Protest double-standard needs explaining