The prisoner was housed in Brisbane Correctional Centre at Wolston.
The prisoner was housed in Brisbane Correctional Centre at Wolston.

Prison guards doused in mystery liquid while helping inmate

QUEENSLAND Corrective Services confirmed two Custodial Correctional Officers were treated at hospital for possible exposure to bodily fluids following an incident at Brisbane Correctional Centre.

Two officers were attempting to assist a prisoner who was self-harming earlier this week when he threw a cup of unidentified liquid at them and it hit their torsos and faces.

The prisoner was restrained. The officers were treated at the centre, and later received treatment at the hospital as a precaution.

The two female officers, are continuing to receive treatment and testing and are being supported by management.

The matter will be referred to the Corrective Services Intelligence Unit (CSIU), and the prisoner may face additional criminal charges and further prison time.

He may also be subject to internal disciplinary processes, including loss of privileges and potential placement in a Maximum Security Unit as a result of the incident.

"Unfortunately from time to time our officers are required to put themselves in harm's way to ensure the safety and security of the community," a QCS spokesman said.

"We are thankful for their commitment, and for the important role they play in making Queensland safer for all of us.

"When an officer is injured on duty, QCS is committed to supporting the officer and their family while they recover."