Poll: 50% of Aussies believe we take too many migrants

TODAY'S Essential Poll has found Labor is edging ahead on a two-party-preferred basis and Australians would prefer the issue of gay marriage to be settled by a vote in parliament - in favour of a plebiscite. 

The poll also found 50% of Australians believe the country's immigration level is too high, with 28% of those stating it is much too high and just 12% saying it is too low. 

A total of 10% of people said they didn't know and 28% said the number of immigrants the country presently accepts is about right. 

The poll also asked people about the National Broadband Network with just 27% saying they thought the Coalition had the right plan, compared to 42% who said they believed Labor's fibre to the home option was superior and 32% who said they didn't know. 

In terms of same sex marriage 53% of people said the Coalition should agree to a vote in parliament which 24% favoured holding a plebiscite and another 24% said they weren't sure.