A Tweed man was charged after driving against traffic on a highway off-ramp.
A Tweed man was charged after driving against traffic on a highway off-ramp.

Police shocked after man drove against traffic on M1 ramp

Police were "shocked" at hearing a man drove against the traffic on a highway ramp, exited his car only to fall asleep on the ground for some minutes, before getting back on his car, ready to drive away.

At 3.50am on January 21, a 31-year-old man was driving a Mitsubishi Triton from Banora Point to his home at Tweed Heads.

The accused began to drive onto the M1 by taking the Minjungbal Drive off-ramp, driving the wrong way and against the traffic.

At the same time, two other vehicles were on the same off-ramp driving in the correct direction.

The first vehicle had to swerve into the break down lane.

The second vehicle stopped on the road.

The man continued driving, colliding with the front of the second vehicle, causing damage.

The man exited his vehicle and fell down the hill, where he appeared to sleep for a few minutes before waking up and returning to his vehicle.

He attempted to drive away, but one of the other drivers were quick enough to take the keys from the ignition.

The accused was becoming irate and police were contacted.

At their arrival officers found the accused slumped over slightly in the front driver's seat of his vehicle.

The man was breath tested and turned a positive result, so he was placed under arrest for the purpose of a breath analysis.

The accused was conveyed back to Tweed Heads Police station, where he returned a reading of .343 grams of alcohol in 210 litres of blood.

Police observed the accused and determined him to be well affected by liquor.

Police said the accused was extremely unstable on his feet, requiring assistance to get into the vehicle, as he was almost falling over.

"He smelt of alcohol, had bloodshot and glazed eyes and had soiled himself", a NSW Police spokesman said.

"Police were shocked that he was able to operate a vehicle and extremely grateful no one was seriously injured"

He was charged with HRPCA and his licence was suspended.

He is due to appear at Tweed Heads Local Court on February 8.