Police get powers to break up parties


QUEENSLANDERS who invite 10 people over to socialise could be fined as authorities crackdown on the coronavirus crisis.

Police now have the powers to break up gatherings and even issue fines if more than 10 people are in one home.

Chief Health Officer Jeannette Young said the restriction didn't apply to people who lived with 10 others under one roof but she urged those residents to not invite anyone else over.

Meanwhile, 13,483 vehicles have been intercepted by police at Queensland borders since March 26.


Confirmed COVID-19 Cases in QLD

Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski said 833 people have been given a direction to quarantine, 8,333 have been considered exempt after being stopped at the border, 336 were granted entry on compassionate grounds, 946 people have been given interim travelling arrangements and less than 100 people have been turned around.

"I should start with saying while we in the police will show compassion and understanding when we deal with the community, we will not be being very tolerant of anyone that wilfully does not comply with directions of the chief health officer," he said.


Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski. Picture: Jerad Williams
Deputy Commissioner Steve Gollschewski. Picture: Jerad Williams

The Deputy Commissioner said police were still seeing people who think it's OK to invite friends over for a party.

Dr Young yesterday said Queensland did not have "significant" community transmission.

Health Minister Steven Miles said 350 people were expected to arrive from overseas yesterday, down from 7000 a day in recent weeks.


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