PUT THEM UP: Sonny Weazel in action at the Dalby PCYC's Fight Night.
PUT THEM UP: Sonny Weazel in action at the Dalby PCYC's Fight Night. Sam Flanagan

PHOTOS: Boxers leave it all in the ring at fight night

BOXERS from clubs across Queensland stepped into the ring last night at the Dalby PCYC for a great evening of action.

A full list of the results and a gallery from the night are below:

Darcy Long (Toowoomba PCYC) defeated Broderick Blair (South Burnett) by decision

Lewis Black (Gladstone) defeated Jake McDonald (Nerang PCYC) by decision

Brodie Hilt (Trading Blows) defeated Zander Hawkins (South Burnett) by decision

Declan Corcoran (Nerang PCYC) defeated Jake Russell (Bundaberg) by round two stoppage

Jack Hellyer (Richo's) defeated Blade Dudgeon (Roma PCYC) by decision

Sonny Weazel (South Burnett) defeated Chance Dawes (Toowoomba PCYC) by decision

Connor Numms (Nerang PCYC) defeated Jordan Browne (Pony Shaw) by decision

Zoey Christadoulou (Toowoomba PCYC) defeated Charlotte Brand (Roma PCYC) by decision

Cassidy Thornberry (Gatton) defeated Kyle O'Dwyer (Gladstone) by decision

George Christodolou (Pony Show) defeated Ryan Cattarin (Aftershock) by decision

Jack Williams (Gladstone) defeated Harry Brand (Roma PCYC) by decision

Adam Mckellar (Toowoomba PCYC) defeated Kev Burford (Richo's) by decision

Chase Alderton (Dalby PCYC) v Chase Townsend (Rebels) - No winner, exhibition fight

Tyler Wheeler (Gladstone) defeated Ruben Davis (St George) by decision

Judd Alderton (Dalby PCYC) defeated Joseph Kelly (Toowoomba PCYC) by decision

Isabelle Schubert (Roma PCYC) defeated Amanda Cootes (Materix) by decision

Harry Jones (Dalby PCYC) defeated Rhonin Wilkinson (St George) by round two stoppage

Jordie Dunnet (Gladstone) defeated Pharel Chapman (South Burnett) by decision

Donna Jemmison (Roma PCYC) defeated Jayde Baldwin (Dalby PCYC) by decision

Tallis Farrar (Gladstone) defeated John Blair (South Burnett) by decision

Harro Nolan (Dalby PCYC) defeated Arthur Bond (South Burnett) by round one stoppage

Emily Joe Willis (Gladstone) defeated Amanda Espie (Roma PCYC) by round two corner stoppage

Steven Tapp (Dalby PCYC) defeated Corvin Cooper (St George) by decision