THE head of Bicycle Queensland says most of the 100,000 names appearing on an anti-cycling petition are fake and its creator should be pursued for hate speech.

Anne Savage said the body had received information that many of the names were created by electronic "bots".

"We have evidence that the majority of names on that petition are false names," she said.

"We don't expect the government or anyone else to take this petition seriously. It's disappointing to see hate speech on social media taken this far."

The online petition calls for cyclists to be forced to ride single file.

At 6.30am on Thursday it had 100,700 signatures and said it was aiming to reach 150,000.

The petition was linked to a Facebook page called Single File Please. There were no contact details for the creator of the petition or the Facebook page.

Ms Savage predicted the petition would never be sent to the government.

"We would like to see this person pursued for hate speech and vilification on social media with content that is graphic and deeply hurtful to all in the community," she said.