A SHOCKING pedestrian vs cyclist incident has seen Queensland's peak cyclists' group raise the issue of cyclist attacks in a meeting with the Queensland Police Service.

It comes after a cyclist broke his ankle after being chased and struck in the Brisbane CBD by a pedestrian on October 10.

Footage of the ugly confrontation shows James Stevenson riding along Hutton Lane when he is attacked from behind.

A still from the confrontation between a cyclist and pedestrian. Picture: ABC News
A still from the confrontation between a cyclist and pedestrian. Picture: ABC News

Mr Stevenson told the ABC he was riding to the work when he brushed past a pedestrian on the footpath and their shoulders touched.

"I didn't give it much thought and just carried on. Next thing I know is I feel a punch from behind," he said.

"I turn around to see what's happened and another one has landed on me, pushing me over."


Mr Stevenson's bike-mounted camera captured the clash, in which the pedestrian turned and chased the cyclist after he passed.

It has left the cyclist requiring a moon boot as a result of fracturing his ankle.

Bicycle Queensland condemned the attack as " shocking and deeply disturbing".

"There is absolutely no excuse for brutality like this," CEO Anne Savage said.

"This is a cowardly and shameful attack that has resulted in a serious injury with impacts beyond just physical impairment and trauma - James has lost income, mobility, time with his friends and family, and basic quality of life."

Ms Savage said she would highlight the attack in a meeting with Assistant Commissioner Mike Keating from the Road Policing Command.

"I'll be raising concerns about safety of cyclists and the dangerous attitudes of some people that are now spilling onto the footpath," she said.

A Queensland police spokesman said the incident was being investigated but no charges had been laid at this stage.