The Clarence Valley has been snubbed from the new border bubble extension and readers aren’t happy.
The Clarence Valley has been snubbed from the new border bubble extension and readers aren’t happy.

Online fury over latest in border bubble saga

RESIDENTS across the Clarence Valley are fuming after learning that the region has been left out of the newly extended QLD-NSW border bubble.

The announcement was made on Tuesday morning, outlining that the zone would expand to Byron Bay, Ballina, Lismore, Richmond Valley and Glen Innes council areas, but skip the Clarence Valley region which has not seen an active COVID-19 case in months.

Upon learning of this news, readers were quick to share their disappointment. Here's what some of them said on The Daily Examiner's Facebook page:


Debbie Pearson: Here in the Clarence Valley there are no cases of COVID-19 so why can't we be allowed over the border for specialists appointments. My husband needs surgery and his specialist at John Flynn wanted to do it next month, but the Queensland premier won't let us over the border. His surgery is lifesaving but she does not care about people she only cares about power and money.


Lynette Eggins: If the Queensland Premier so determined to keep the border closed I don't see why we couldn't have a COVID test and as soon as you get your negative result then you are allowed entry to Queensland - it's not rocket science!


Mary Anne Buckler: The Labor leaders are a disgrace both in Queensland and Victoria. More like dictators than leaders. The virus doesn't know that there is a line between the different states in Australia. How do they think the virus got into Queensland in the first place? Flew there in its own? No stupid, lying Queenslanders took it back there.


Colin Chevalley: It is a disgrace. It is purely political. The closer to the election it is more obvious.


Paulene Chilcott: We haven't had a Covid case here for three months but they have had them in Ballina and Byron. Doesn't make sense.


Amy Morgan: Forgotten as usual but why wouldn't we be while everyone else was lobbying out loud we heard nothing from our elected representatives.


Adam Richey: Chill out. They have to draw a line somewhere. I'm sure if the numbers continue the way they are, the Clarence Valley will be next.


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