Eamon Sullivan is the face of a macadamia industry advertising campaign.
Eamon Sullivan is the face of a macadamia industry advertising campaign. Contributed

Macadamias to drive world nuts

GROCERY lists and restaurant menus all over the world will increasingly feature Australia's beloved indigenous nut if macadamia growers have their way.

The Australian macadamia industry is undergoing a major brand transformation, launching Australia's famous native food as the World's Finest Nut, unrivalled in taste and quality.

As part of the new brand launch, the macadamia industry has teamed with Olympic swimming sensation and reigning Celebrity MasterChef Eamon Sullivan to showcase the healthy virtues and tasty versatility of our local nut.

“As an athlete, it's important for me eat a healthy balanced diet with loads of protein, complex carbohydrates and good fats, and a handful of macadamias is my perfect daily snack,” he said.

“Macadamias are also a brilliant cooking ingredient thanks to their buttery flavour and unique texture. I love adding them to my favourite recipes to give them a fresh twist to impress guests. They're great for dressing up a salad, as a crunchy addition to a traditional chocolate cake or as a pesto or marinade.”

Australia already leads the world in research and development, farming practices and commitment to clean, green production of macadamias from seedling to serving, producing more than 30% of the world's crop.

Australian Macadamia Society chief executive Jolyon Burnett said the new brand mark was designed to reaffirm its origins, showcase Australia's passion for the nut and generate new markets, ensuring our resident plant shines on the world stage.