NQ doctor reveals reality of catching COVID-19



A TOWNSVILLE University Hospital doctor is urging residents to get tested for COVID-19 after his own experience with the illness while overseas.

Emergency registrar Dr Louis Snellgrove said he contracted COVID-19 while in the United Kingdom in March for his grandmother's funeral.

"I ended up catching the illness and had very mild symptoms of a runny nose and dry cough," he said.

"I was also unable to taste my sausage sandwich and noticed I was wheezy after going for a run which was unusual.

"At any other point in time prior to the pandemic I would not have given the symptoms a second thought; I'd had worse colds.

"At the time in the UK they were only testing people in hospital, so I wasn't 100 per cent sure that I had COVID-19 so I did two weeks home quarantine in Leeds to avoid spreading it."

Louis said by the time he flew back to Australia he was symptom free.

"While on the flight I began to notice a mild dry cough coming back," he said.

"When I arrived at my Sydney hotel quarantine a nurse asked me if I'd had any of the symptoms.

"The cough was so mild that I wouldn't usually mention it, but I did tell her and was tested which confirmed that I had COVID-19.

"When I found out I had COVID-19 I was glad to know that completing my quarantine in Sydney wouldn't expose anyone else to potentially catch the virus."

Dr Snellgrove said after having had the experience of COVID-19 he urged people not to ignore even the mildest of symptoms.

"It is better to just get tested and know if you have the virus, for most of us it will be a mild illness but as we have seen for others it will be fatal," he said.

Originally published as NQ doctor reveals reality of catching COVID-19