Sam urges fans not to vote for him on DWTS

HE might seem like a shoo-in to take home the Dancing With The Stars mirrorball trophy, but Samuel Johnson doesn't want your votes.

Instead the Gold Logie winner wants you to donate 55 cents to his cancer charity Love Your Sister, rather than spending that same amount on texting in a vote.

In a lengthy Facebook post over the weekend, Johnson urged viewers to forgo paying for an SMS vote.

"Being that SMS votes cost 55c and NONE of the proceeds go to charity, I'm asking that you forget voting for me and consider donating 55c to cancer research instead?" Johnson wrote.

"I've even created a special 55c button! Unforch it's not deductible, because it's less than two bucks. I cannot work harder for your donation and appreciate your consideration regardless."


Samuel Johnson.
Samuel Johnson.

Johnson thanked fans for their support so far, describing Dancing With The Stars as a "f**king magnificent" experience.

"If I get the boot, it won't be because I f**ked up. No way. I am so happy that I've not repped you poorly," he wrote.

"So thanks for inspiring me to get clean and clear. Thanks for giving me something to dance for."

According to Dancing With The Stars' official website, the celebrity contestants compete for a chance to win the mirrorball trophy and a $50,000 donation to their chosen charity.

Viewers can vote for their favourite celebrity to keep on dancing a maximum of once per day online.

Samuel Johnson with his sister Connie in February 2017.
Samuel Johnson with his sister Connie in February 2017.

If they want to vote more than once they can do so via SMS for 55 cents a pop. has contacted Channel 10 for clarification on whether any of that money goes towards the celebrity's charity.

Another Channel 10voting show, I'm A Celebrity … Get Me Out Of Here!, put some of the voting proceeds towards the contestants' chosen charities.

Johnson retired from acting in 2016 to focus on fundraising for Love Your Sister.

Johnson ran the charity with his sister Connie Johnson, who was diagnosed with terminal breast cancer at the age of 33.

Connie died in 2017 after a long battle with the disease, with Johnson continuing to work to raise funds for their charity.

Johnson has been a fan favourite on Dancing With The Stars, wowing viewers with his moving dance tribute to Connie on the show last month.

Speaking to Ten Daily before the dance aired, Johnson said his sister would be "jealous" if

she could watch him perform.

"She'd be happy for me, but now that we're into it, I reckon she'd be a little bit jealous," he said. "She would have loved the chance to do it herself, so she would definitely be trying to hide her jealousy!"

Dancing With The Stars airs tonight at 7.30 on Channel 10