Newman spotted meeting with One Nation

FORMER Premier Campbell Newman and One Nation chief of staff James Ashby have confirmed they met earlier today in a Brisbane cafe to chat politics - however all is not as it may appear. 

As both men quickly explained, while the meeting did involve talking about the One Nation Party's plans for Queensland, it did not involve any discussion about Mr Newman joining the ranks. 

"I'm still a member of the LNP," Mr Newman said. 

"I do Sky News now with Andrew Bolt and write a column for the Courier Mail and I want to hear directly what the One Nation Party's thoughts are for Queensland." 

When pressed to rule out any plans to jump the fence - the meeting comes just days after Newman said he believes One Nation will hold the balance of power after the next Queensland state election - the former Premier explained his motivations. 

"I'm not joining One Nation, as I said, I am a political commentator now and I think we're in very interesting times and One Nation will decide who the next Premier of Queensland will be and as a commentator I want to hear about the things that are important to them," he said. 

"Without giving away any confidences I think One Nation are saying that they're going to cut through the log jam and impasse in getting economic growth going in Queensland."

Mr Ashby - who previously worked as Chief of Staff for former LNP member Peter Slipper - also said there was no talk of Newman joining up. 

"The simple fact is Mark Lahtam and Jeff Kennett spoke to me yesterday too, Mr Ahsby said before adding neither of those two men were likely to want to be part of the One Nation Party.