Hugh and Nan Nicholson.
Hugh and Nan Nicholson.

New dam would destroy something 'very precious'

THIS is an appeal for moderation.

When something very precious is reduced to 1 per cent of its former extent, it is extremely reckless to propose diminishing it even further.

The former Big Scrub rainforest is at such a level.

The construction of the Dunoon Dam would inundate, blast, cover with sediment or fragment 62 ha of this rainforest.

The moderate and conservative path is to declare that not another hectare of the Big Scrub can be lost.

The same goes for koalas.

When 71 per cent of the regional population is incinerated in one year, and the remainder is on a direct path to extinction, it is unreasonable to destroy another 72 ha of their prime habitat.

And this destruction would be for a dam that will worsen our exposure to a drying climate!

The radicals here are those who burn bridges by building dams.

Nan Nicholson,

The Channon.