Mother’s Day: What’s the gift you can give, and be better for it?
Mother’s Day: What’s the gift you can give, and be better for it?

Mother’s Day: What’s the best gift you can give?

I often talk about 'love' in my writing, and find that this word 'love' is the word that is most often misunderstood in the human language.

We seem to want to categorise it by psychological terms, such as emotional, platonic, parental or romantic. Some just want to question its existence at all, by replacing it with its opposites - dependency, manipulation or lust.

But the very essence of us is pure, unconditional love; love for ourselves and love for each other.

Think of a mother's love for her innocent new-born baby. This is the type of love that most closely resembles the divine, Father-Mother Love, as explained by religious reformer, Mary Baker Eddy.

Dr Bernie Siegel, Yale physician and author of the best-selling Love, Medicine and Miracles, has discovered through his research with cancer patients that "unconditional love is the most powerful stimulant of the immune system." He concludes that unconditional love also heals.

A new Carnegie Mellon University study is one of many that confirm his claim. It found that frequent warm hugs lower your chances of becoming ill during times of stress. Men and women with a strong social support system tend to enjoy a protective 'buffer' against stress.

Instead of an apple, a hug-a-day like mum used to give you, may be a good start to keeping the doctor away!

This Mother's Day, give your mum (and dad and sister and grandfather and daughter and friend) a hug, and try these ways of showing unconditional mother-love:
• Embrace friends and acquaintances in radical hospitality; go out of your way for them.
• Be courageous and don't be afraid to speak out about the importance of love and spirituality.
• Try to always speak gently, and don't let harsh words spoil the moment.
• Acknowledge that we're all on this planet together, as one big family. Be ready to "mother" others along the way.

Love actually heals. Could this be what Jesus was trying to tell us when he asked us to love one another, no matter what?

You may have had times, like me, when you've felt this love so deeply that all resentment, fear and pain have been completely eliminated from your life. I've also experienced self-forgiveness and physical healing, as a result.

The truth is that we are all personally known and deeply loved by a higher Mother-Love.

Give the gift of unconditional Mother-love on Mother's Day and on throughout the year. You'll be better for it!

Kay Stroud ~ my own spiritual practice of Christian Science has helped me so much. Join me as I explore how the elements involved are being recognised and implemented in society