More baby news - of the royal variety- tops trend lists

LAST week it was Channel 10's The Project presenter Carrie Bickmore's baby news that was trending on Facebook and Twitter.

>> The Project presenter Carrie Bickmore drops baby bombshell

This week it is more baby news but of the royal variety.

For the first time in a long time Ebola was knocked off the top spot of Facebook's trend list when the Duke and Duchess of Cambridge, pregnant with their second child, announced the due date.

>> Will and Kate's second child due in April next year

It was the first time they have offered a month and the announcement made via Twitter sent followers into a frenzy.


The tweet: "The Duke and Duchess of Cambridge are expecting their baby in April 2015…" was quickly retweeted over 700 times.


Gough Whitlam

Also hitting the top of social media trend lists this week was news closer to home.

When the story broke that former Labor Prime Minister and Australian Labor icon Gough Whitlam had died, Facebook and Twitter were flooded with tributes, photos and links to stories highlighting moments in his career.



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Man jabs great white shark video

And then there was the footage of the man spearfishing in waters off the Sunshine Coast who jabbed a 4m great white shark with his spear gun to deter it.

The raw footage originally discovered on YouTube shows the diver, identified in the YouTube description as Trevor Ketchion, swim towards the shark and jab it in a bid to deter it as he and a friend were spearfishing on Sunday, October 5.


Great white shark encounter Sunshine Coast:
Great white shark encounter Sunshine Coast:

>> VIDEO: Spearfisher jabs great white shark off Sunshine Coast

The story was then posted to the Sunshine Coast Daily Facebook page where it reached over 326,000 people.