Media gag prevents cheating celebrity dad from being named

A HIGH-profile celebrity who cheated on his partner is unable to be named by media - but his identity is being revealed and discussed on social media.

The celeb, who is reportedly married and has young children, has been named by one American print publication as being involved in a threesome with another couple.

The Daily Mail reported the entertainer ended the relationship but remained friends with the couple.

Earlier this year, they approached a newspaper wanting to tell their story.

The celeb's application for a privacy injunction was initially turned down, but the Appeal Court ruled the information would be "devastating for the claimant".

The injunction means British media were banned revealing the celeb's name. All they could say was that he was an entertainer and married to "a well-known individual in the same business".

The Daily Mail reported his name was widely available across Twitter and Facebook, as social media users openly discussed the case.

It was also revealed the celeb was in an open relationship and occasionally had sexual encounters outside of the union.