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McGrath sacks top agent over ‘how many c**ks’ scandal

A leading real estate salesman at top agency McGrath has been sacked after an investigation was launched following claims he asked a colleague: "How many c … ks have you had in your mouth?"

The demise of the company's lieutenant Adrian Bo, who has served 25 years at the helm of McGrath's Coogee branch, comes despite his denial to The Daily Telegraph that he asked a much younger male staffer the lewd question outside a branch office three weeks ago.

Adrian Bo has denied ever making the comment to a colleague. Picture: AAP
Adrian Bo has denied ever making the comment to a colleague. Picture: AAP

An announcement last night from McGrath confirmed the contractor and interim co-head of sales has left the company and that his contract had been terminated with immediate effect.

"McGrath Limited … has confirmed that one of its contractors and interim co-head of sales, Adrian Bo, has left the company following an inquiry into claims of alleged misconduct against him by a staff member,'' the statement read.

"After a complaint was made, McGrath carried out a thorough and independent inquiry to investigate the claims against Mr Bo, who denied them and took leave during this process. As a result of the inquiry, Mr Bo's contract has been terminated, effective immediately."

Adrian Bo (right) on-board the cruiser “Inappropriate
Adrian Bo (right) on-board the cruiser “Inappropriate"”. Picture: Facebook

Mr Bo took annual leave while the complaint was investigated by the company HR team and an external lawyer. He is said to be deeply distressed by the claims.

"The company takes its responsibilities of promoting inclusion and workplace safety seriously and will not tolerate breaches of its code of conduct by its contractors or staff members," chief executive Geoff Lucas said in the statement.

"I am personally committed to ensuring we have an environment that treats all workplace participants fairly and with respect."

The initial advisory time frame for a ruling by the investigation team was last Monday ahead of the company AGM.

At the meeting, the complaint was not discussed by shareholders who were worried the salacious claim would impact the company's performance in 2020. Share prices at the publicly-listed company last week dropped 15 per cent over seven days to 28c.

The Daily Telegraph revealed Mr Bo was accused three weeks ago of making the lewd comments to a new recruit. He strenuously denied the claim, saying: "I've got no idea about any of this, it is absolutely ridiculous. Someone is feeding you lies, the industry is full of jealous competition, I am shocked and upset."

Adrian Bo with his wife Megan, who has stood by him during the investigation.
Adrian Bo with his wife Megan, who has stood by him during the investigation.

In a separate incident, a woman resigned in June last year from the firm's Edgecliff office, citing Mr Bo as one reason for her decision to leave.

In her letter of departure dated June 15, 2018 said wrote:

"I am not comfortable working in the business with Adrian Bo.''

Mr Bo has been in the industry for 30-plus years.