A "possessive and jealous'' ex-lover who shot a Big Brother contestant in a mistaken identity botched murder attempt at a Gold Coast car park has launched a bid to get out of jail.

Anthony Yoon Sun Soong was in 2019 found guilty of the attempted murder of Samuel Wallace at the Gold Coast in 2015 and jailed for 13 years.

He has applied to appeal against his conviction on the grounds the verdict was "unsafe and unsatisfactory".

The Court of Appeal heard the matter on Tuesday and reserved its decision. Soong's solicitor declined to comment.

Anthony Soong. Photo: Supplied.
Anthony Soong. Photo: Supplied.

On the day of the shooting Soong assaulted his former partner Jhai Saric after a string of calls went unanswered and he became aware that she had become "acquainted" with Joshua Milani.

An irate Soong contacted Mr Milani, threatened to kill him and demanded they meet, according to court documents.

Mr Milani agreed and they met at a restaurant carpark at Merrimac. He was driven by friend and roommate Mr Wallace, a former Big Brother contestant.

Josh Milani (left) and Sam Wallace leave the Southport courthouse in Southport on the Gold Coast in 2018. (AAP Image/Dave Hunt)
Josh Milani (left) and Sam Wallace leave the Southport courthouse in Southport on the Gold Coast in 2018. (AAP Image/Dave Hunt)

After realising Soong was armed with a gun Mr Wallace tried to speed off but "at least" four bullets were fired in "rapid succession".

The Brisbane Supreme Court heard last year one of the shots Soong fired into the jeep went through the driver's door, hitting Mr Wallace in both thighs, with the bullet lodging in one.

Soong then put his gun to Mr Wallace's head through the open driver side's window but it failed to fire.

He then "viciously pistol-whipped him" with the "bottom of the gun" three times to the head.

Mr Wallace then said, "You've got the wrong guy".

Soong replied: "I don't care. If you go to the police, I'll kill you".



Sam Wallace. (AAP Image/Dave Hunt)
Sam Wallace. (AAP Image/Dave Hunt)

Prosecutor Phil McCarthy told the Brisbane Supreme Court last year texts between Soong and Ms Saric revealed him to be a possessive and jealous man, who wanted to cause her "new beau'' harm.

During sentencing, Justice Martin Burns said it was "not a spontaneous act".

"It was carried out with great deliberation and as though you were a law unto yourself," he said in June last year.

Soong had previously pleaded guilty to assault occasioning bodily harm to Mr Wallace and to the assault of Ms Saric and her male neighbour in December 6, 2015.

Soong is currently serving time in Townsville Correctional Centre, where sources said he was recently placed in the Detention Unit.

He will be eligible for parole in 2026.


Originally published as Man who shot Big Brother contestant makes appeal bid