Man in g-string chased armed intruder down the street

A PIALBA man, wearing only a g-string, chased a late-night intruder down his street until the would-be burglar threatened him with a "mini-cutlass".  

Leon, 47, who asked for his surname to be withheld, said he heard a creak at the back door of his Stephenson St house after 11pm on Tuesday.  

"I flung open the door and this guy ran down the stairs," he said.  

The near-naked Leon pursued the man down the street, at one stage falling "and getting a bit of gravel rash".  

He chased him to near the Centrepoint units, where the man pulled out a knife.  

"It was like a pirate's cutlass, but shorter" with a handle that wrapped around the hand, Leon said.   

"I kept shouting 'Man with a knife, call the police'.

"I must have yelled it about 20 times. I thought the guy was going to stab me to shut me up."  

The knife-wielding intruder, who Leon said "seemed to be dopey, he was on something" then ran to the nearby bike track.

 Meanwhile, Leon's partner had called the police.  

Leon was full of praise for the police, who arrived quickly with the dog squad and tracked the man down to a house in nearby Neil St.  

A 31-year-old Pialba man was charged with attempted burglary, stealing and going armed to cause fear.