SHOPPING LIST: How much beef does McDonald's need for its Australian restaurants?
SHOPPING LIST: How much beef does McDonald's need for its Australian restaurants? Michaela O'Neill/177983

Macca's $1 billion shopping list

TO MARK the inaugural National Agriculture Day Macca's has released details of its shopping list for 2016, revealing the business spends more than $1 billion annually with Australian suppliers, on ingredients and products such as locally-sourced beef, crisp lettuce and fresh tomatoes.

McDonald's Australia Director of Supply Chain Robert Sexton said National Agriculture Day was all about celebrating the significant contribution agriculture makes to the Australian economy, so it's naturally an initiative we're proud to be partnering with the National Farmers' Federation on.

"For more than 40 years, we have been committed to supporting local suppliers, and remain firm believers in the quality of Australian homegrown produce, choosing to serve local ingredients whenever possible.”

Last year alone, Macca's purchased the following Australian produce from suppliers across the country:

. 25.3 million kilograms of beef

. 57 million litres of fresh milk

. 19.6 million kilograms of wheat flour, including 439.7m buns

. 13.9 million kilograms of chicken

. 5.6 million kilograms of lettuce

. 2.8 million kilograms of fresh tomatoes

. 5 million kilograms of cheese

. 100 million kilograms of potatoes

. 1.4 million kilograms of cucumbers for our salads and signature pickles

To put those numbers into perspective, here are some fun comparisons:

. 25.3 million kilograms of beef is roughly the same weight as 1,322 AFL teams

. 57 million litres of fresh milk would fill 22.8 Olympic swimming pools

. If you place 439.7 million buns side by side, it would stretch the entire Australian coastline 1.4 times

"We are proud of the long-standing relationships we have with many Australian suppliers and farmers, and see them as an integral part of the McDonald's business both here and overseas.

"The excellent standards our suppliers have consistently delivered over many decades, means we also export a substantial amount of produce for use in our restaurants right around the world,” added Sexton.

National Farmers' Federation president Fiona Simson said Macca's shopping list demonstrated a solid commitment to Australia's farm sector.

"The volume of ingredients and products that McDonald's is sourcing from suppliers all around Australia is significant,” she said.

"Demand from businesses like McDonald's helps fuel exciting growth in the farm sector, and with total farmgate output worth $60 billion last year, agriculture is Australia's fastest growing industry.

"Given the important role Macca's plays in our supply chain, we're thrilled to have them partner with the National Farmers' Federation to celebrate Australia's first National Agriculture Day.”