Cruise Whitsundays and the State Government will partner up to build a new $8 million Reefworld pontoon at Hardy Reef
Cruise Whitsundays and the State Government will partner up to build a new $8 million Reefworld pontoon at Hardy Reef

LUXURY: Australia's first underwater hotel to open soon

Have you ever wondered what it would be like to sleep under the sea next to Australia's prized jewel, the Great Barrier Reef?

Today, Cruise Whitsundays announces Australia's first underwater accommodation "Reefsuites" to officially open to the public on December 1, releasing never-before-seen visuals to unlock the mystery surrounding this highly anticipated exclusive stay.

Reefsuites are the centrepiece of Cruise Whitsundays and the Queensland Government's newly developed Reefworld Pontoon, located on Hardy Reef.

Offering two premium underwater hotel suites with adjoining ensuites, Reefsuites enjoy panoramic floor-to-ceiling views into the blue. When night-time falls, guests are offered the option to turn on a light, further illuminating their outer surroundings.

Luke Walker, Chief Operating Officer of Journey Beyond (parent company of Cruise Whitsundays) said 'today marks a landmark moment for Australia'.

A digital impression of the observatory at Reefworld.
A digital impression of the observatory at Reefworld.

"We are extremely privileged to have access to such a truly breathtaking and remote part of Australia and to provide both local and international guests the chance to gain a deeper appreciation of our wonderful Great Barrier Reef."

"A stay at our newly developed Reefsuites offers an all-inclusive experience like no other. It includes a return cruise to our Reefworld Pontoon, outstanding marine activities, boutique beverages, onboard chefs and of course, access to an unforgettable stay underwater and on the Australia's Heritage-Listed Great Barrier Reef."

The development of Reefsuites has been part of an AUD$10 million project for Cruise Whitsunday's Reefworld Pontoon. The development began in 2017 with the pontoon being meticulously constructed after damage sustained in 2017's Cyclone Debbie.

Tourism Industry Development Minister Kate Jones said the state government backed tourism projects that create jobs for Queenslanders.

"The redevelopment of the Cruise Whitsundays pontoon and the subsequent opening of Reefsuites is an absolute game changer for our local tourism sector. This will be one of the most iconic tourism experiences in Australia," she said.

Ms Jones said the project team had ensured the Reef was protected at every stage of the redevelopment - including the replanting of 4000 pieces of coral from old moorings onto existing reef walls to rejuvenate Hardy Reef.

"Tourism is crucial to this region. It's important that we promote investment in great projects like this to stimulate the economy," she said.

From December 1, guests can stay at Australia's underwater Reefsuites accommodation with bookings open via

Each Reefsuite has a two-person capacity, and an all-inclusive experience starts from AUD$799PP.