Richmond River High School underwater
Richmond River High School underwater Melissa Gulbin

Lismore school closed for fifth day following floods

Richmond River High Campus will remain closed for its fifth day tomorrow but all hazards on campus will be cleared by Tuesday, said acting principal Peter Howes.

The weekend's floods impacted The Rivers Secondary College RRHC significantly and as a result contractors have been working tirelessly on cleaning and clearing the flood-damaged school yard all week.

"Getting the drains clear and removing debris on our large school grounds is time-consuming," Mr Howes said.

"In order to clear the hardened layer of mud off the playground areas we need the drains cleared."

It isn't all bad news for the school, however, because the classrooms were unaffected by the flood.

"The flood didn't quite get to that height," Mr Howes said.

"We've also been quite lucky that we have been working as a college with our sister campuses, as our students have had the option of attending those schools."

He said there's been no disadvantage to Year 12 students, who have continued learning using the online tool, Google Classroom.

Mr Howes wanted to thank the community and parents for their continued support.

"We've been overwhelmed with positive comments from the community," he said.

"We've also been lucky enough to have very supportive staff.

"Our school community was able to move out the downstairs equipment as well as livestock such as the chickens.

"When we found out it was to be a much larger flood, several staff volunteered to come in very early Saturday morning and move things a bit higher."

Scheduled activities such as work experience, Rivers Hockey, TAFE and shared curriculum classes at Kadina High and Lismore High campuses will go ahead tomorrow.

Richmond River High will reopen the day after the public holiday.