Lismore-born actor Nicholas Hamilton.
Lismore-born actor Nicholas Hamilton.

Lismore-born Hollywood actor releases debut song

Lismore-born Hollywood actor Nicholas Hamilton has released his first song, Different Year.

Born in Lismore in 2000, the young man moved to the USA just before the pandemic hit.

A rising Hollywood star and social media influencer, the 20 year-old is best known for his roles Hollywood films It (2017), It Chapter Two (2019) and Captain Fantastic (2016), among others.

The artist said he was very happy to have his music available online.


The cover artwork for Different Year by Nicholas Hamilton.
The cover artwork for Different Year by Nicholas Hamilton.

He said he wants to continue releasing more songs.

"This is 100 per cent where I wanna go with my music," he said.

"Different Year is one of my most honest and candid songs, and I love that it's going to be the first thing from me that people listen to.

"I wrote Different Year with my friend Britton Buchanan, and it was the second song we ever wrote together."

He said the lack of acting work during 2020 in the USA became an opportunity to develop his music career.

"Life's been weird to say the least. Going from having three signed theatrical projects ready to shoot in 2020 to truly not knowing when the industry is going to restart was tough, and still is," he said.



"Weirdly enough, not being able to work as much as I've wanted to in film and TV has given me all the more time to work on my music.

"I've been writing for forever now, so finally having the time to put real work into my songs and get them recorded is an unexpected upside of this year."

The artist said he will release an EP later this year.

"(This song) builds from the same materials, but also twists and turns a little bit," he said.

"A couple of the tracks are more 'poppy' and some others land more in the dance/rock genre. "All of the tracks are super frank though, I wanted to maintain that honesty throughout the whole EP."


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Mr Hamilton said he is torn between acting and music.

"I'd love (for music and acting) to complement each other and I could do both, as I really do enjoy working in both fields more than I enjoy doing anything else," he said.

"I'm not looking to force anything, though.

"If one takes-off more than the other, so be it. I just love creating and entertaining, so whatever medium I get to do that in, I'm pumped for."